trip report questions and then some more questions

Message posted by olowy on August 09, 2006 at 23:25:37 PST:

Had a very uneventful trip yesterday to Area 51, although they probably usually are. You know it is uneventful when the highlight is getting a picture of the Lincoln County Sheriff k-9 mobile at the Alamo gas station. Then watched the last of the Red Flag particpants land (great spot just a block or two from the raceway to watch them land but not a good place to watch them launch - some F15s took off as well). Had a great time listening to the scanner thought. Some quick questions:
1. How do you submit a trip report and any photos? Do do it on a word document with attached pictures, host the pictures somewhere (if so any suggestions where is great), etc..

2. had a great take off on the runway closest to the Janet terminal heading south to north. Right before the Janet terminal there were some Air Force planes (maybe like E8s). I checked out the internet it seems all the air national guard units are in Reno and google earth is not updated enough. With Nellis so close by does anyone have any idea what the planes are and why they are at Mccarren?

3. With all the publictty on Janet flights and people driving by there to check it out, why have they not moved those to Nellis? I am assuming if you have the clearance to work at area 51 you can get clearance to get on Nellis.


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