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The AS-1405 would do the trick. Price? Well, I bought one for $125 and another for $25. I've seen them go for over $200 on ebay.

The AS-1405 uses a N connector, so it is quite easy to hook up. The more common mil air antenna you see at AFBs is the AT-197/GR. This is an easier antenna to find. Price $60 to $100. It uses a hard to find HN connector.

Hill AFB is refurbing their antennas. This may have already happened. You might call around and see if any military surplus shops in the area have them. A friend of mine was going to bid the job, but was too busy. Otherwise, I would have grabbed the best before they went out on ebay. Most of the antenna would be old, but probably good. Bases dump the gear before failure occurs.

The AT-197A/GR is nice in that it has a built in lighting arrestor, but it has no gain. It is matched in the mil air band, so it does work well. The AS-1405, being directional, has modest gain (9dbi) It is also wide band. No built in lightning arrestor.

You can check Murphy Surplus in San Diego as these antennas show up there from time to time.

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