Re: new neighbor

Message posted by Will(NorCal) on August 09, 2006 at 15:23:03 PST:

There might be enough points of interest there to warrant a little curiosity, but on the other hand...

Lots of people have no children, or don't have photos of them all over.

Deep basement could be food storage (wine cellar?) or a covered water tank.

At one point, I had four satellite dishes here, all pointed in different directions, for completely normal purposes.

My vehicles don't have dark tinted windows, but the majority of my neighbors' do.

Lots of retired military personnel have base stickers on their vehicles for various reasons.

Large generators are common where power outages are normal, such as in rural areas. The basement pit could even be a battery room.

If I moved in next door, you would wonder about me, too...;)


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