Re: What can we do for Rachel?

Message posted by Hank on August 06, 2006 at 12:37:45 PST:

Everyone whose been there has formed different opinions on what they think Rachel is and some have an opinion on what it should be. I have been going to Rachel for over 25 years. I obviously like it. It hasn't changed hardly at all in that time. Somewhere around 63 people seem to be the average population. Unfortunately some people pass away, and sometimes are replaced by new residents. As their are virtually no jobs other than occasional cook or dishwasher job at the Inn and maybe a hay cutting job at one of the farms most people are retired and are at an advanced age. As their is no employment or services. ( Law enforcement, medical facilities, drug or grocery stores)its hard to see much growth in the future. The only thing I could suggest is to go up and spend money with the locals. The Inn and the Quik Pic, and enjoy the high desert,the people and the planes.
For those of you who have never been there but think you have an idea of what it looks like here are some recent photos. Double click on the images to make them full screen.

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