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Message posted by Brian on July 31, 2006 at 22:44:59 PST:

Missed your chat on this, but I am thinking of driving up from the Antelope Valley to cover some of the upcoming Red Flag. Pardon my Red Flag newbie questions, but I am looking for any tips & suggestions. Is it difficult to obtain a media pass to get on base? (assuming you have accreditation of couse). I know about the Cheyenne road viewpoint, and the Coyote Summit spot, and plan to check both of them out. Is the Cheyenne rd area mostly an afternoon spot? What about the north end? I know the main area people photographed from has been taken away, but is there no other spot down that way? or are the planes already too high in the air to even bother shooting from that area? As fas as arrivals go, do they pretty much trickle in over the weekend prior to the exercises?

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