F-22 at Oshkosh

Message posted by Frank Stamm on July 29, 2006 at 9:08:39 PST:

On Wed afternoon two Raptors arrived at OSH and put on the most impressive aerial display I have ever seen. The pilot community here in the Warbird campground agrees as well. The bomber formation Friday included two B-17s, a B-24, a B-25 and an Avro Lancaster escorted by several flights of P-51s. So far the Heritage flights have been a group of P-51, P-38 and F-16s. Next day was two P-51s C&Ds, P-38 and the F-16. Friday was Naval with a Corsair, Fury and two F/A-18s. The B-1 and C-17 made impressive fly-bys as well.
I have over 500 shots in the Nikon so when I sort thru them I will send a few to Joerg with some other info.


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