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Message posted by lone wolf on July 28, 2006 at 21:50:13 PST:

If you mean AES, yeah, it's ok. I haven't bought big ticket items there. It's like HRO, though not as many toys on display.

I've bought ham gear through a few mail (or internet if you prefer that phrase) stores. Texas Towers has good deals. [Obvious URL). sells ham gear and scanners.

I'm pretty sure AES is the location of the swap meet on Saturday mornings. I haven't been to it, but I know someone who lives in Vegas that is a regular. I don't think it is every Saturday morning, but I can check if you are interested, or you can just ask AES when you visit the store.

There is also Radio World in Boulder. I've been there to take a look as a few of the readers on the scanner list go there. He has used gear, but I don't think the deals are all that great.
Example: Used Pro-97 for $125. But RS sells them new for $149 about every other month. I see he has an AOR AR8200 MKII that might be worth checking out.

Make sure you get a dual band (2meter/440) HT if you expect to use it around the ranges. The only repeater I can routinely hit is the 440 on Angels Peak, so you really need 440. I'd suggest getting the Diamond RH77C as well. They have a SMA version too, with a slightly different number.

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