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Message posted by lone wolf on July 28, 2006 at 12:40:53 PST:

Given the insane prices people pay for camera gear on ebay, I view the cost of that lens as a loan. ;-) It sells on ebay for nearly what I paid 8 years ago. Camera bodies don't hold their value like lenses. Off brand lenses have the worse resale.

The nice thing is Canon actually makes a 400/f5.6 in low dispersion glass. The next step up 400/f4 is at least 3x the price. Using the rule that the shutter speed should exceed the inverse of the focal length, (i.e shutter speed should exceed 1/400th for this lens), at F5.6 you can use ISO 100, but just barely. I shoot Astia 100F, but push the film half a stop or a stop.

The lens is more critical than the camera, at least when it comes to film. Digital may be another story.

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