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Message posted by lone wolf on July 28, 2006 at 12:30:07 PST:

On Coyote, generally there is at least one or two people with you on the hill taking photos, and the they have scanners too. Thus you park one on the AWACS, one on the ground units, one on the Migs, etc.

The ground units give good clues as to the location of the players. The AWACS and MIGS isn't quite as specific, but they are still. You have very little warning when planes will be in view, so any advanced notice is welcome. When the ground units start doing their radar jamming report, it's time to return to your car.

If you use one scanner for everything, you invariably miss the callsigns. The only problem is those handheld scanners don't project sound very well because the speakers are so small.

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