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Message posted by lone wolf on July 27, 2006 at 23:59:01 PST:

The BCT8 is not military air capable.

I'm not of the camp where you need one scanner. You can get any military air capable scanner plus the trunk tracker of your choice. The way it goes with trunk tracking, the market is a moving target. Mil air is stable. Better yet, people dump their mil air capable scanners to get trunking scanners.

Note that one scanner isn't going to capture as much action a two scanners. When I'm on Tikaboo, I run the MVT7100 on mil air and the Pro-96 on the NTS trunk system. It is not mentioned much, but the NTS seems to have some control over the Janets. [Not mentioned because nobody has recorded it I guess.] When Black F150 and I was on Tikaboo, the NTS was doing something with the Janets on "Gumby Control."

If you have more than one mil air scanner, it's not a waste. Run known frequencies in one, bandscan in the other(s).

The icom base units give me the warm fuzzies, but it could be due to the high heat output. I've used Icom mobiles and tried their handhelds, but you would swear it's a different company when compared to their base units.

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