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Message posted by NoOne on July 27, 2006 at 18:57:14 PST:

>I *had* a decent, older Konica SLR (analog) with
>a 400mm lens,
>I used to do color processing (C41 and

Then definitely try to justify a digital SLR – you’ll be happy you did.

As mentioned by others, lenses for the SLR will be your biggest expense. My suggestion, look around for used. On-line try KEH for used equipment, maybe ever for the camera body itself – excellent price, quality and service. Forget “digital zoom” – as they say you can’t get blood out of a rock – “digital zoom” just trades off resolution for image size and you can do that your self in Photoshop (or what ever digital darkroom software you choose).

I personally like Canon and went the D30/10D/5D route, partially because I have lots of Canon lenses from film body days. IS Canon lenses offer image stabilization which does help when using longer focal lengths.


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