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Message posted by lone wolf on July 24, 2006 at 14:03:48 PST:

I hope this boycott doesn't get too far out of hand. For one thing, Jolene depends on the Quck Pik for her job, and jobs are scarce in Rachel.

Secondly, and absolutely no offense to Joerg, the readers of this list don't make up much of the market of the store. [I always stock up in Vegas, buy my gas at R-place, etc.] If anything, the people who live in the trailer park are probably a biggest economic force. I can't tell you how many times I met Dave Sims in the store. It's not like there is any other store in the area.

Third, I believe in property rights. Once you own it, you can do whatever is legal with your property. So the best plan is to be nice to the new owner and see if he can be persuaded to delay the eviction if not change the plan totally. There are a few good reasons why his business plan is bonkers. Last time I checked, fuel is mighty expensive. Is the travel trailer market all that big? Why evict everyone? Why not set up a few spots for visitors to sense the market.

A typical developer would jack up the rental prices to free up most of the pads, then evict when there are much fewer renters. The smaller number of renters means a smaller crowd of people complaining.

Regarding other spots, the folks at Crystal Springs claim they wanted to set up their land for RV spots. Clearly they aren't too concerned about that business plan. Perhaps they will accept the trailer park. Maybe R-place will expand. The land where the burnt out casino sits might be converted. It even has power. Seriously, do you have to live in Rachel?

The only other alternative is getting the BLM to free up more land. This will never happen in time.

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