Re: Timothy McVeight at Area 51 ??? Today's Military Uses Many "Tricks"

Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on May 13, 2001 at 8:44:11 PST:

No B-S. There are many "tricks" used to deflect interest away from some of of our training ops. I didn't say we do this all the time. I stated that we have done this in the PAST. (Albeit I DO KNOW we often CONTINUE to do similar things.)

As from A51 being the "most secret" THAT is a bit of a MYTH. There are other installations that would prove much more INTERESTING, as SOME of you who HAVE been there to THOSE, CAN attest.

A51 will continue to be a valuable asset, not only as a overall aeronautical/aerospace research facility,
but as a virtual lab for some of our special ops armed troops to test non-nuclear specialized weapons, uniforms and equipment under desert and tropical conditions, including nite ops, and to pratice urban guerilla warfare ops as well.

Travelling in civilian clothes while among the public, is nothing new as we (Marines) have to do that in several countries where Marine Security Forces (MSF)are currently serving. In these instances it is done for two primary reasons: safety as well as security as to what type of specialized troop or unit is moving in a given area at a specific point in time.

Often, we will pose as tourists in small groups, acting as if we are on R&R (rest and relaxation), when actually we are on active duty gathering local intelligence relative to our surroundings that may be useful if and when we must seize and secure the town and/or city.

It sounds extreme, I know; but, in these days of potential terrorist attack, your U.S. Recon Marines, U.S. Navy Seals, and U.S. Army Rangers, and DELTA Force units are geared up and good to go, on short notice, for any domestic or international operation ordered by the President.

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