Red-Flag FY 2007

Message posted by Martin on July 20, 2006 at 1:48:10 PST:

The new Red-Flag dates for 2007 kooks very strange to me.
The first and the third are only two week Flagís and the second is 5 weeks long.
In the past, normally the Red-Flags running 4 weeks and most of participating squadrons and aircrafts would bee changed after two weeks. Now the first and the third Red-Flag for 2007 are too short to change the aircrafts, I think. The second Red-Flag for 2007 is also unusual, because it is running for 5 weeks. So, it is difficult to know when they change the participating squadrons. It is possible at the weekend 01/27-01/28 and also 02/05-02/06.
If someone knows more about this, Iím very happy to hear about it.


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