Can you believe this crap?

Message posted by whiskey3 on July 15, 2006 at 9:37:10 PST:

Kevin Trudeau's 'secret' source revealed: Kevin Trudeau, whose "Natural Cures" books are filled with false claims, has published an explanation for his knowledge that is even more preposterous than the claims themselves.

His most recent (third) book states that a "secret society" gave him "health secrets, access to the inner circles of the rich and powerful, and the ability to live a life of luxury."

Page 11 states:

"As a member of this secret society I have sat in private meetings with the heads of state from countries around the world. I have attended secret international business meetings where business leaders, politicians, and media moguls coerce together to create the new world order with global control over individual people everywhere. I have been shown and have seen with my own eyes secret government and corporate documents. I have heard with my own ears how BigPharma, the food industry, and the oil industry are working together with governments and media outlets around the world.

I have been in over sixty countries, yet there are no stamps of evidence in any of my passports. I have been to Area 51 in Nevada. (This top secret military installation is still denied to exist by the U.S. government.) This is where much of our technology has been developed.

Area 51 houses most extraterrestrial artifacts, including a working spacecraft and dead alien bodies. I've seen these things with my own two eyes. As a member of this secret society I was used in covert operations around the world."

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