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Message posted by Peter Merlin on July 13, 2006 at 20:33:37 PST:

Area 6 at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) includes the Control Point (CP) complex that serves as the command center, air operations center, and timing and firing center for the explosive emplacement sites on Yucca Flat, Frenchman Flat, Pahute Mesa, Rainier Mesa and surrounding areas. The CP complex serves as a centralized point of coordination for administrative, scientific and technical matters. Support facilities include a communications building, several radiological sciences and technical laboratories, a fire and first-aid station, and various maintenance and warehouse structures.

Nearby, the Area 6 Construction Facilities provide craft and logistical support to activities in the forward areas (everything beyond the NTS headquarters at Mercury) of the NTS. This area includes equipment storage, heavy-duty maintenance and equipment repair facilities, and a decontamination area.

An 11,000 foot airstrip and nearby weather station are located on the dry lakebed and a smaller paved strip has been constructed off the southeast corner of the dry lake.

Other facilities within Area 6 include the Device Assembly Facility for assembly, disassembly, modification, staging, transportation, testing, maintenance, repair, retrofit, and surveillance of nuclear explosive and subcritical assemblies. There is also a landfill called the Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils Disposal Site.

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