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Message posted by Vince on July 10, 2006 at 18:35:39 PST:

Hi Mike

Hanks right about taking the time to surf through the site I did that this weekend and really liked what I saw it also gave me the opportunity to think about some questions that I didn't see covered (and there wern't many things not covered believe me).
Some observations from one newbe to another. If your real big on the UFO conspericy band wagon and see little green gizmos behind every bush you might want to tread lightly here. These guys don't suffer UFOols lightly. If you start something with the line " I believe it because a friend of a friend read some where..." you might want to check your six because your likely to be getting one up your tailpipe real soon. If you have legit questions though, these guys are a gold mine if info. Another thing I don't think "politically correct" is in their dictionary. They're open, honest, knowlegeable and BLUNT. They will tell you like it is and what it's about. But hey if you can handle honesty and frankness with your truth then this is the place.

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