Re: Chemtrails/Black projects at a51

Message posted by werD on July 03, 2006 at 11:38:27 PST:

What precisely do you mean by "the research"? This photo so low-resolution that it could have easily been doctored. And since there's no source, there's a good chance there is a legitimate reason for this plane to be spewing smoke.

Though there is a lack of evidence to prove that so-called chemtrails are a natural occurance for legally operating jets with no additives in their fuel, this lack of evidence does not confirm anything. Basic science- isolate all the variables before you make a conclusion. Air currents move, moisture condenses, hot air rises, etc. Despite what "the research" says, I've seen 737s flying in normal airspace leave trails that stayed for hours, not minutes.

Not to mention there is no particular reason to believe that this issue has anything to do with area 51. So how about we call a truce and stop posting OT randomness?

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