Re: those traingle things again

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on July 02, 2006 at 9:50:22 PST:

Gonna throw the BS flag on this. Dunno if it's a stupid story told to a third party or just a purposeful waste of our time, but the military aspect of the story is totally made up of tidbits of info poorly cobbled together. Cover by helos are done in pairs, not by single attack bids. They fly a certain pattern that makes sure there is always one with guns on the target at all times. Always. SEALS in Pea Coats and watch caps went out with the end of the Korean war. Anyway how did they identify themselves as SEALs. Balancing a ball on their noses? Anything 20mm that is carried by anybody is a fantasy borne from too many hours playing video games. The gear description is from some photos that somebody saw and now they feel froggy that they know what Spec Ops battle rattle looks like. All I can say is WRONG! I'd go into agreat deal of detail, but I'm not going to proofread this fantasy so you can correct your story and more on. Guys that have done this stuff; insertion into denied areas, keep it to themselves because if you tell stories like this YOU GO TO LEAVENWORTH! Please if you want to engage in creative writing feel free, but don't use the crappy line of "It's what I was told dude!" like that absolves you of proof of authenticity and use of objective evidence. Bottom line - the military part of this story is totally bogus and reads like a bad Clancy novel. If you need good reading read something from my pals Kevin Dockery or Brad Thor. Sorry bud either you have been had or you trying to put one over on this website.

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