OT -- Help with unusual flight formation just east of Salt Lake City

Message posted by Joe on July 01, 2006 at 17:22:25 PST:

Thought someone here might be able to explain what I saw in the sky yesterday. At about 2:30 pm Mountain Time, at exit 140 on I-80 (about 20 miles east of Salt Lake City), I looked up to see a large jet with two smaller jets (fighters I suppose -- wish I had had my camera) just off of each wing, then another possible fighter a bit behind the formation of those 5 jets, and a 6th smaller jet 2 or 3 times further back than that. One big jet with six escorts heading from west to east at about 2:30pm mountain time, just east of Salt Lake City and just a bit south of I-80.

Someone nearby commented that it must have been Air Force One, but I think the President was visiting Memphis (and Elvis with the Japaneese Prime Minister).

Anyone have any idea about what I saw?


Looked kinda like this:

x x XXXXXXXX x x
XX (Big Jet)


x (one of 6 smaller fighters?")


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