Janet Flight Numbers

Message posted by Trevor on July 01, 2006 at 11:56:11 PST:

Here's a question for the group. I'm trying to understand the 'www' identifiers that the Janet 737s use. So here are a couple of questions that I wonder if anyone here knows the answer to.
1) Why do they use these identifiers rather than their tail numbers? Why do the smaller planes use tail numbers and not these? Are there other kinds of planes that file based on this kind of system?
2) Is there any logic behind the numbers? It seems that the 300s are used for flights to the ranges, and that the 200s are used for flights back to Vegas. Numbers from 0-200 seem connected to flights to Palmdale. Do they just pick a random number within these ranges for individual flights?

I'm working on a project about these planes and I'm trying to work some of this stuff out.




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