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Message posted by Andreas Parsch on June 30, 2006 at 0:43:00 PST:

I won't comment further on the "antigravity" claims, but ...

"The total equipment involved was surprising, even to me. He stated that the units involved in the operation included a number of Navy SEALS, two Mercedes Benz panel trucks that had been appropriated (stolen) from the local economy for transporting some debris, two Blackhawk helicopters, one Apache orbitting the sight to engage anyone who came near it, and one specially equipped CH-53 Super Stallion for removal of the most critical component recovered, the previously described "sphere". The two pilots of the craft had been evacuated before the witness arrived on the scene. Two technicians were brought in to remove critical components from the vehicle's cockpit. The cockpit was said to look remarkably similar to that of an F-16 Fighting Falcon."

... all this without any interference from East German forces? No public protest from East German officials about this very serious incident? Gimme a break! And the alleged location is not exactly in the middle of nowhere. A multi-helicopter debris-retrieval operation would have been noticed by the locals, even in the middle of the night. Yet nothing was heard of that incident even half a year later when effectively _every_ East German came to the West at least once. 1989 was the beginning of the Belgian "Flying Triangle" flap, and in all reports about this I've never seen any reference to an incident in the GDR.

Someone has pulled your leg, and wanted to boast about how U.S. SpecOps forces could do whatever they like even behind the "Iron Curtain". Further, I note that no rationale whatsoever is given about why the "exotic propulsion craft" was used over East Germany in the first place. The whole story is as implausible as it can get.

And with so _many_ alleged sightings of "exotic" aircraft (including your own), not a single even remotely convincing photo or video has ever been published? Such super-secret technology that nothing can be found about it in _any_ respectable scientific publication, and yet they fly it around routinely within line-of-sight of unrestricted locations, so that everyone with a bit of patience can have a look?

Stories like that need _way_ more proof than busloads of "reliable" witnesses telling interesting yarn.

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