Re: Google Map update gives HIGH RES area 51 Images!

Message posted by Joe on June 29, 2006 at 14:33:05 PST:


Excellent statement of the site's mission! Even though I suspect some of us tend to believe that the Universe is teaming with life, that there may be mutiple Universes teaming with life, that some highly evolved part of all that life has developed the technology to drop by, and that they might be hanging out around our favorite base -- I know I enjoy a break all that speculation I find in visiting here.

I was in Rachel a month or so ago, really enjoyed camping out in the desert, looking at stars till late, having breakfast at the Little A'Le'Inn, and especially seeing the afterburners light on a couple of jets then being rocked by the sonic booms.

But that doesn't mean I'm here only because I'm confident all the UFO stuff is BS. It's because I enjoy human technology, consider those pilots to be heroes, and like to have facts and a break from all the ET speculation.

(If the folks running the base ever do roll out something from our "out of town friends," or invite tours of an ET basement, I imagine the most accurate information about it will be here, while other places go even deeper into the deep end!)


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