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Message posted by lone wolf on June 22, 2006 at 13:54:47 PST:

The Pro-96 at its worse is 2uV in mil air based on one (yeah, only one) that Don tested. I use mine for Red Flag without any problems. The hard thing to monitor in the ranges is the military tower for planes on the ground. For Red Flag, the planes are in the air.

Uniden does not publish sensitivity specs on the 396 or any of their scanners, so I have no way to compare them.

The older radio shack scanners with the first IF in the 700Mhz range (i.e high side mixer on mil air) have less birdies in mil air. The problem is you have to program them by hand.

Getting back to the Pro-96/2096, you really have to buy win96 to program it. For those rare double split systems, they can only be programed with win96.

The 396T has a big advantage in that it's memory bank size can be changed on the fly. This is really handy if you want to monitor multiple EDACS systems, where you need a bank for each trunk system. The Nevada Shared system is a good example. The Pro-96/2096 had "virtual" memory banks, but that does require work to move the banks from virtual memory to where they can be scanned.

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