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When it comes to mode-s, there are two things to keep in mind. One, the military codes are not published. Now there are tricks to get the codes [even more off topic]. Second, it seems the military can spoof their mode-s codes. However, they spoof their codes to one that doesn't exist, so I'm sure air traffic control gets a heads up via landline that some tricks are about to be played. You can bet the DOD did plenty of kicking and screaming as mode-s was implemented. [Much of the development was done by our friends at Lincoln Labs, caretakers of N105TB.]

At the moment, only the military heavies have mode-s, and to my knowledge, none report back their position. Often, the fake codes are obvious settings, such as AAAAAA (that is alternating up and down for those who know hex).

As an example, lets find the mode-s for a Janet, say N623RA (the newest one). Put it in google, and you will get the link to the FAA website. The listed mode-s code is 52021332. The FAA lists the code in octal, though typically these codes are hex. Assuming no typos, that would be A822DA in hex.

Airforce 1 is really whatever plne that carries POTUS. Let say that plane is SAM29000. As a heavy, it does have mode-s, rumored to be ADFDF9. (see link)

Attached link: If it is a number, then the Dutch have it.

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