interesting radio traffic

Message posted by joe inman on June 07, 2006 at 15:49:45 PST:

I live in Cedar city utah. I have all the frequencies listed on this website in my scanner. Today around 11:00 am(utah time) I heard radio traffic on 134.1. I have never heard anything on this freq. It was clear as a bell. The traaffic was about rondevous with a sniper flight. A few minutes on aartc i heard clearence to utah and nevada test ranges. Anybody have any ideas??

I also heard alot of military ops on the freqs around 12-1pm(utah time). I hear it often, but never this clear. Subjects mentioned... mojo, rambo, hoss, the container, echalon, snake and the wall. Sounded intense, like there was alot going on.

Why was it so clear today??? Was it the cloud cover. Were the radio waves bouncing of the clouds?? Any ideas?


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