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Message posted by Gregos on June 02, 2006 at 20:42:10 PST:

Last week I was sick so I spent the day in bed watching the Discovery, History and the Military channels ALL day long! Discovery has a show call "Future Weapons." They did a piece on the Predator then went into the future UAV the "Dominator." They didn't say where the host of the show was going to see the Predator, but he did say East of Los Angeles. I thought it must have been Edwards or Palmdale but I guess it was March AFB.

Good for you. I just saw the Predator for the first time last week up at Indian Springs.

BTW, the "Dominator" is a smaller UAV. They showed animation of it being dropped by a B-2, then it loiters over the target. It carries 3 bomblets. After dropping it's ordience, it can crash into another target all Kamakazi style!!!

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