Odd Plane over Phoenix

Message posted by Lumpy on June 02, 2006 at 4:27:44 PST:

On Wed May 31 at about 2300z I saw an odd aircraft (odd to me at least). This plane looked like a typical Gulfstream jet. Generally blu/whi, didn't look particularly military at all.

Noticably odd was that it had a radome, like that of an AWACS plane.

This plane was over north Phoenix traveling on a course of about 045. Same course I see a lot of Hueys fly from Luke AF Base to the north east passing just north of the Scottsdale muni airport.

The altitude was unusually low. Even lower than the altitude of the Scottsdale approach/depart patterns which fly directly over my ranch. But this plane was not in an approach or depart pattern. I would have recognized it's movements if it was. It was at about the same altitude that the local police HELOs fly when they are in tactical mode, orbiting a scene or calling a pursuit.

Anyone know what this gulfstream looking blu/white plane with the large AWACS like radome is?



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