Re: Trip Report 5/23 to 5/30

Message posted by lone wolf on June 01, 2006 at 20:48:26 PST:

I haven't tried this myself, but McCarran has a free wifi network. That would be faster and cheaper than a celluar card. What I generally do for internet access on the road is use my cellphone as a tethered modem. But Wifi is better if you can find it.

You can get a good view of the Janet terminal from the long term parking at McCarran. However, a good telephoto lens would come in handy from that location.

Getting back to the Tbirds, I've scanned them when they practiced. It is not the usual audio you hear during a show, but rather they do some acrobatic exercise, then discuss it over the radio. I don't have a list handy, but if you plug in all the frequencies used by the Tbirds from lists on the net, you should have the situation covered. The same goes for the weapons school exercises, whose frequencies you can find in the red flag section on this website.

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