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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on May 28, 2006 at 9:34:10 PST:

You are quite right about the purpose of DLR. Please assit us about the noise you heard by following up on the noise by performing more on-site investigation. Try to determine where it is coming from (from the air or from the ground). Sounds travels great distances although it is affected by wind, humidity and intervening terrain. There have been very old accounts of booms (big booms) being heard from the shore on the eastern seaboard. They have been attrbuted to calving of ice or grinding of the icepack. The sound appaently travelled great distance with little attinuation. Sorry we can ot be of more help, but keep looking around for a possible origin, and anyone else in your area that can triangulate the sound would be appreciated. I think I am responsible for the duck/alien noise replies as I responded to another message thread with a very tounge in cheek reply. Couldn't help it. I suspect there will be another alien live birth reported soon as Brad and Angelina appaently have brought another pre-rich, liberal-programmed, over-privaledged child into the world in Africa.
Welcme to DLR, and thanks for the report, we appreciate it.

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