Re: Another picture; it's an X-20 drawing

Message posted by Gregos on May 26, 2006 at 13:14:35 PST:

Challenger came apart in January of 1986. I heard In October of that year the USAF was also to launch all military missions from VAFB. They were even to have two space shuttles in the air at once on that first mission. I used to love watching those launches in the 80's. Now I don't feel that way... 500 MILLION per launch -come on now! But sadly, we should have something in place before they retire the "old girls..."

I feel bad the most for the next generation. What will be their dreams? Hip Hop??? I was born in 1969, a few weeks after Apollo 11. I remember coming home in the 4th grade and telling Mom I wanted to be an astronaut. I still tell my wife if we ever win "Mega Millions," 20 Million comes right off the top for me to go to Russia and ride the rocket!

BTW, I got my eye on a T-37 Dragonfly if we do win those Mega Millions! Ha ha ha....

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