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Message posted by Magoo on May 07, 2001 at 15:46:29 PST:

I just bought Dale Browns' new book, 'Warrior Class'. As with his other recent novels, it has numerous references to 'Dreamland', although he calls it the 'High Technology Aircraft and Weapons Research Center'. There are also a few references to TTR, as he has based a squadron of 'EB-1C's there (modified EW dedicated B-1s - maybe not as fanciful as it sounds either).

The usual fluff from Brown, but worth a read anyway if only for the large amount of action in and around the Nellis Ranges.

If you are going to order it online, please do so through the links to Amazon from this site, as a small commission is then paid to Joerg which he then puts back into the site itself.


P.S....He also has a new book called 'Dreamland' due out in the near future. Damn...there goes another one of my ideas!

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