OT - "Divine Strake" Postponed

Message posted by Gregos on May 21, 2006 at 0:18:28 PST:

"Divine Strake" the 700 ton ANFO (ammonium nitrate and fuel oil) detonation at NTS is postponed until June 23rd.

This should be a really big bang! 700 tons, they estimate McVeigh "only" used 2.5 tons of ANFO to blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Type "Divine Strake" into Google and globalsecurity.org is #1. They have lots of info on it.

If they get the green light I may go up to Indian Springs / Creech AFB area for the blast. I don't think I want to be downwind just in case (radioactive dirt from pervious tests at NTS)... I have this travel book on Las Vegas, in the section that covers the NTS, it says that John Wayne and a good part of the cast and crew of a western he was filming in St. George, UT all had some form of cancer develope. So why tempt fate right?

Anybody got any info on the blast (i.e. scanner frequencies)?

Attached link: http://www.freepress.org/departments/display/20/2006/1962


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