black projects

Message posted by Alex (UK) on May 16, 2006 at 12:44:11 PST:

I was wondering, apart from all those fakes and stuff, if any genuine photos/footage exists of black projects? I know there probably wont be any, just thought i might ask, as you guys are very helpful and always have really cool info.
I have a photo in my file of a triangular shaped plane with really bright lights on it. I will try and share it with you guys (once i get it to somewhere where i can post it here). I dont know where i found it or whether or not it is a fake though :(
I also have this link :
yes its about something that might not exist but check out the contrail video right at the bottom of the page (basically under the SR71 photo). A fireball in the sky followed by a very fast plane leaving strange contrails? strange.
Anyway, if you have by any remote chance seen a photo of a BP or have anything to say about the video then your thoughts would be much appreciated.
sorry for the length of this post


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