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Message posted by Joe on May 15, 2006 at 17:06:18 PST:


Did anyone else listen to this? I tired, and as much as I'd like to beleive the portion regarding Bob Lasar, who according to Lear sure knew when things were being tested with odd flight characteristics, his other points about a giant device on the moon used to collect souls of deceased earhlings . . . well, it was a bit much even as sleep deprived as I was by the time he began discussing it.

So then I begin to wonder if both Lasar and Lear made up the things they saw over the base, including ever having been confronted by security there, etc, etc . . .

Joe (back in Vegas for another conference (just concluded) and going to Penn and Teller tonight to be guaranteed of seeing something really strange and wishing I had seen Seigfried and Roy when I first started coming here (they were still at the Frontier then!!! BTW: Kevin James does his Snowstorm in China effect at the closing of the magic show at the Greek Isles, saw it yesterday and it's fantastic (as is the netire show) First saw Kevin do that effect at a magicians convention about 12 years ago)

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