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Message posted by lone wolf on May 15, 2006 at 13:41:33 PST:

I can't find any reference to the range map on the USGS website.

BTW, googling for the map, I came across a new letter of understanding regarding the BLM and USAF. The blackjack frequency is different from what is on the DLR list.
Nellis Control West (LEE) Sector: VHF 119.35
(Restricted Areas, Beatty, Goldfield, Tonopah, Warm Springs, etc.)
Nellis Control East (SALLY) Sector: VHF 126.65
(Desert MOA, Rachel, Pioche, Caliente, Ash Springs, Elgin, Mesquite, etc.)
Blackjack: (Real-Time Scheduling and Information) VHF 139.75
FM Transmit 150.175
FM Receive 148.500

139.75 is in use since I recorded Nellis control giving out the frequency. The DLR list indicates 134.85, which cames from the old BLM document. My logs don't indicate I ever heard traffic on that frequency, but most of the time the UHF frequency is used.

I can't recall the circumstances of the recording, but the Nellis control message is "Flight 2790, you're cleared, scheduled, contact blackjack on one three niner point seven five ..."

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