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Some civilian flights into the range can be tracked if they fly under Instrument Flight Rules.

The only remaining free sevice (as far as I know) is It will not display "blocked" aircraft. [Plane owners may elect to block their aircraft from tracking.] Passur can track blocked aircraft as long as their flight is considered civilian, but the coverage for Vegas has been dropped.

To "see" a plane land at Groom, somebody needs to screw up. It happens, but generally the planes fall off the tracking website.

Beech Janets fly under their registration numbers. [Technically a Beech flight isn't a Janet as it never uses the Janet callsign. The Beechliners leave the base under their N-number, then use the callsign of the month if landing at Groom. If the callsign was Dog, then N20RA would fly under Dog-Zero. Take the last digit of the registration and place it after the callsign of the month.] The 737 Janets use a WWWxxx flight number, where xxx is a number. In-going versus out-going flight numbers differ by 100.

All flights to the range use TNX as a destination, even if they land at Groom. Thus the link provided will show you flights if you run it during the week.

Here is a flight leaving Groom Lake for Edwards:

TKM is sometimes used for Groom Lake.

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