Re: airspace boundaries

Message posted by Alex (UK) on May 14, 2006 at 8:11:34 PST:

Sadly i dont have money to burn! Im only 15 and living in the UK! but seeing into the ranges seems awesome! This may sound random but I once was camping on the Turnberry coast which is over the sea/estuary from RAF Machrihanish. I never saw anything. Probably because its not that sort of place anymore. Somehow it has changed its name to "Cambletowm airport" thats far less exciting than Scotlands area 51. Nothing interesting ever happens here. Once in the seventies some guys saw a kite shaped plane over lake windermere but thats about it. Apart from fact we are under a military flight path, but you lose count of all the harriers and F15's that fly past everyday.
Anyway, thanks for the post JimK :)

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