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Message posted by lone wolf on May 11, 2006 at 20:53:01 PST:

FYI, N105TB and N20NY are "playing" at NUQ at the moment, probably with NASA616.

Frequent visitors to YYZ of interest are N4505S and N404PA. My records show a great deal of activity with these planes between 3/8/2006 and 4/19/2006. All the flights were to/from KBED or KMIA.

I haven't filed for the FAA records of these planes, but in theory modifications that are of a significant weight or that penetrate the skin need to be documented.

I bought all the records for the Janets. [I bet the FAA notifies the base when people buy such data.] The records indicate the companies that do the modifications as they have to be certified.

I haven't researched this, but some of the radar research projects were handed off to a university in Florida when MIT and Stanford got caught in some major government overbilling scandal in the 80's. There may be a similiar facility in Florida, maybe Tyndal. Hanscom (related to MIT Lincoln Labs) just barely escaped the last BRAC, which makes me think the work is being done elsewhere.

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