Re: Wheeler Pass and Rachael this past weekend

Message posted by lone wolf on May 02, 2006 at 21:49:23 PST:

If you were using the Yupi in Vegas, you might have had intermod. Vegas is one amazing town for the number of radios per capita. You have a trunk radio system in nearly every casino, and every employee has a radio. They even use radios to seat you in the buffet. Besides the cops, you have easily an equal size of private security. Then to top it all off, the controls for all the glitzy lighting causes interference. You would probably like the yupi if you were near the ranges. Then again, like you said, it could have been defective. I have a hard time getting a HT to work in Vegas due to the intermod.

Those old radio shack mobiles have a real nice sound. The 2004 has a metal case, which means better sheilding.

I modified my Yupi by coating the inside with RF sheilding paint. You can buy a can at Fry's for about $20. [Yeah, expensive paint, but it can do about 3 scanners.] You paint the inside of the case, so this is not for the timid.

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