Re: Wheeler Pass and Rachael this past weekend

Message posted by Joe on May 02, 2006 at 16:10:11 PST:

>>But the Hilton did honor my reservation and gave me a suite. Maybe not up to Trump standards, but way more than I would ever pay.<<

Excellent. I teach MBA and PhD level marketing and that is exactly what they should have done. Now, with all the new rooms, NAB can come to town and there's still lots of availability (although I did notice the Motel 6 on Industrial (where I used to like to stay -- can't stand cigarette smoke and liked that the rooms open to the outdoors) was $75.00 a night!

I'm downloading Google Earth now (bought a new ThinkPad and it's taking days and days to redownlaod everything I'm used to having at hand). I was as far to the west of Wheeler Pass as I could get in the RoadTrek, but not on top of the hill that went up behind me.

Thanks for the scanner suggestions!


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