Re: Wheeler Pass and Rachael this past weekend

Message posted by lone wolf on May 02, 2006 at 12:40:57 PST:

I put those coordinates into Google earth then played with the tilt. I think you would have been viewing Indian Springs (now Creech). From a hill near that location, I spotted the radome on the western side of the range. Quartz Mountain I think, but I'd have to do some research. It looks like a fun drive.

You might want to consider bringing a scanner to the ranges on your next trip. A pro-96 will scan the Nevada Test Site (APCO) plus do mil air if you have Starrsoft's win96. A pro-97 does a decent job on mil-air, plus it has "signal stalker" that if you are lucky will get signals from nearby aircraft.

A couple years ago I had a reservation at the Paradise Hilton when the NAB was in town. It was one of those internet deal where you actually bought the room, so it was more than a reservation. However, they weren't suppose to do that offer during the convention. [I didn't even know about the convention when I made the reservation.] So I stumble into town late in the day and darn, they sold all the "cheap" rooms. But the Hilton did honor my reservation and gave me a suite. Maybe not up to Trump standards, but way more than I would ever pay.

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