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Message posted by Jim Bob on April 29, 2006 at 20:05:04 PST:

Where did you here "Whamo?" I was an air traffic controller at Andrews AFB in the late 70s and early 80s. Two "Whamo" aircraft were based there. One was a Hughes 500 helo and the other a Beech 100 turboprop fixed wing. A good friend and colleague was killed in "Whamo Two," the Hughes 500 helicopter in an accident just north of the Bay Bridge in Maryland. The bodies were recovered but the helo never was. Highly spohisticated equipment was used in the search.

A third "Whamo" visited from time to time. It was a Convair 580 fixed wing aircraft with photo mapping capability. The tail number was N30EG. I have been in it. I should of had the EG in bold letters. It was operated by EG&G! N30EG was listed as being based in Las Vegas.

N10EG, a Citation jet, was or is based at Nellis until recently with what appeared to be photo capability. It was probably a follow-on to the Convair. All of the above had the same paint scheme.

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