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Message posted by lone wolf on April 24, 2006 at 12:46:50 PST:

If you check out the VC-25 in segment 9, you can see the layout of Air Force One.

The Predator, Global Hawk, SR-71 and U2 are in segment 14. The RQ-1 beacon locations are indicated there, plus the part numbers of the sensor gear. One of the lenses on the RQ-1 uses a thorium fluoride coating, a type not used for decades commercially since it is slightly radioactive. A lens with this coating is in the Los Alamos museum.

It's worth downloading everything, but at 225Mbytes, broadband is useful. The largest file is 11Mbytes, so someone really determined could download this on a dial up. Most of the bumps on various aircraft are documented (antennas, etc).

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