Re: object beside road

Message posted by Dave Bethke on April 23, 2006 at 8:55:04 PST:

Of course I've found the object you mentioned and zoomed in close; first did so about a month ago while looking for something else on the approach to Groom. It's an anomaly in the image, and, as Francois said, just like many others on the Google satellite images.

We probably shouldn't call these 'Lens Flares'. They're not. They're really artifacts from overloading the CCD pickup devices in the satellite. Because the satellite uses a scanning pickup device, unlike the whole image devices in consumer digital cameras, this overload causes a streak in the direction of the scan. It usually fades away as the affected element recovers. In this case it ends abruptly, leading me to suspect this is the edge between adjacent images in the Google Earth program.

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