Re: Scott Crossfield Killed in plane crash

Message posted by Mark Dahn on April 20, 2006 at 23:33:02 PST:

Well, maybe I was a bit harsh on ol' Chuck in my earlier post. I re-reading the piece, he DID say that he "was sure sorry to hear" about Crossfield's death. But what raised my hackles on 1st read was that he then went on to speculate if Crossfield's "penchant for taking risks might have been his undoing" (Quoting reporter there). He mentioned to the reporter that Crossfield was flying in very bad weather, and said about the old days "being a civilian, he had a lot more freedom that we did, as military guys,....sometimes he exceeded his capability and got in trouble."
When the reporter asked for him to cite an example, he said "Flying in weather that he should have never been in."
Now, I'm certainly NOT meaning to get off on a rather OT anti-Yeager rant here. I know that he's a hero to many in our world and that ALL of those guys were very competitive with one another and the rivalries were sometimes bitter, and apparently still are.
My few VERY brief encounters with Yeager over the years while at Travis AFB always left me more than a bit underwhelmed, and I just found his comments today to be......well I called them a cheap shot earlier, and I'll just leave it at that.

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