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Message posted by brjohnson on April 18, 2006 at 6:30:50 PST:

We camp every year around Rachel. This year, several families are going the weekend of May 20th. We dutch oven, ride atv's, watch scary movies, and tell the kids ghost stories. There is a dry lake bed 15 or so minutes north of Rachel where we like to ride the atv's. We will be launching rockets (the kind that cub scouts use)since there is no vegitation of any kind for a long stretch on the lake bed, and will be setting up a geocache ( for the first time, in addition to looking for some that are out there. You can camp just across the street from the Little A Le Inn for free or reserve a spot out back with water and little shade for $12/night. It is also fun to bring a telescope and stargaze, though you will need to get away from town (light pollution). It's a fun place to take the family that is different from the norm. The kids always report on their experiences to their classes and in letters to family and friends. A person is always welcome to stop by and share stories with us.

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