Re: Swimmin' Hole at Groom Lake?

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on April 16, 2006 at 11:20:53 PST:

The fence line follows the old pre-1984 border. In those days you could drive right up to the north end of Groom Lake. Of course, you would have cammos telling you that you were trespassing, and few people really knew where the border was.

Anyway, download the attached link and open it with Google Earth. The file contains several waypoints that ROUGHLY outline the fence around Groom. The coordinates are NOT exact!

Coming from the "Area 51 Back Gate" the fence runs south, then turns east at "Corner 1". At "Corner 2" it turns south, while the new border continues east. At "Corner 3" the fence turns South-East, crosses Groom Lake Road at the "Cattle Guard" and turns east at "Corner 4". At "Corner New" the new border, coming from the north, meets back with the fence, which continues to run east to the "Range 61 Gate and further east.

Disclaimer: This is the OLD perimeter of Area 51, before the land grab in 1984. The new perimeter is further to the north and east. Do not follow the fence line as outlined here. You will be trespassing in the restricted area.

Attached link: Groom Fence Plugin for Google Earth

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