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Message posted by The Major on April 16, 2006 at 2:12:55 PST:

I wonder how you measure IQ on an alien? Where does an alien fit on a bell-curve designed for humans? Perhaps an IQ of 250 for an alien puts him more than 2 standard deviations south of the curve, making him considerably "challenged," insofar as aliens go. You know, the Forrest Gump of extraterrestrials. Perhaps the more important question is: what is the IQ of the guy who fabricated this crap?

I've gotta tell ya, when I want a good laugh, I tune in to Coast-to-Coast. People say the most bizarre things as if they were absolute fact. If it isn't the guests doing it, it's the callers... AND NOBODY CALLS THEM ON IT! George has to be nice, and occasionally I hear the skepticism in his voice, but the guests and callers generally run amok with truth and sensibilities. OK, just to set the record straight, not all of his guests are whackos, but odds are when you dial in, you're in for a weirdo-fest!

The Major

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