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Message posted by time on April 14, 2006 at 19:36:59 PST:

Why would JT3 require Top Secret/SSBI/SCI clearances to work on the rest of the range, where a simple Secret is required? Why would JT3 list Tonopah and Tolicha Peak (the other two main sites) on their job websites, yet the majority are listed in Las Vegas? Where in Las Vegas, do they work on top secret projects? Where is Las Vegas, is a project that requires "access" (taken off JT3 job site), ie. Special Access Indoctrination?

So let me get this straight.... You need an extremely high security clearance, plus special access, to work in Las Vegas? Come on.....

Who are the other two JT3 companies? As far as I know, JT3 was formed by Raytheon and EG&G, who is the third company?

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